How accessing your intuition really works

When you connect to your intuition, what is really happening? Are you talking directly to Spirit? Are you channeling your spirit guides? Are you communing with your Higher Self? And does it matter?

The Divine takes many forms to communicate with us. You may pray to God or converse with the Universe. You might hear your spirit guides talking to you. Or you may simply feel a connection with something profound inside you.

There’s no “wrong” way to communicate with Spirit, because you are always connected with Spirit through your psyche, which is your true being and full range of consciousness that encompasses your soul. Your psyche is part of a larger field of consciousness that includes all living beings and the Universe as a whole.

Your psyche rules the unconscious mind. This is where you make decisions and perceive things on a very deep level. Because you aren’t always aware consciously of your deeper motivations, the psyche is a shadowy realm where hidden things reside. It is also where you go to access your intuition.

The psyche doesn’t speak in English or any other spoken language directly. The psyche communicates by using symbols, dreams, images, feelings, and hunches. When you simply “know” something is true, this is your psyche telling you so.

When you ask Spirit for guidance, the message is channeled through your psyche and interpreted by your conscious mind. By meditating and connecting with Spirit, you activate your intuition, which is part of your psyche.

So, when you are intuitive, you are expressing the spiritual messages your psyche is passing along to you.

There are many tools to help you access the wisdom of your psyche. Meditating is a direct line for getting intuitive downloads. And all forms of divination are ways you can ask questions and get answers through your psyche.

Doing card readings are especially helpful, because the cards depict archetypal images your psyche understands. These archetypes correspond to major themes in your life, such as beginnings, growth, endings, love, challenges, knowledge, power, and other aspects. Because these themes are always cycling in your life, your psyche is always connected to them, and it will guide you through these recurring patterns by giving you messages to help you make choices about them.

So, know that when you are seeing images in your mind, having a gut feeling, or just knowing that something is going to happen, it’s your psyche speaking to you, and your job is to allow your experience and honor it by interpreting it as clearly as you can, and by acting on the wisdom you receive. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. Your psyche always has your best interest at heart, and it’s there to guide you every step of the way.