How choosing a Card of the Day can improve your life

It’s common to pull a card at the beginning of the day to see what’s in store for you and to get a glimpse into what will be influencing you that day. But you can also turn this passive question into an active one that will help you make progress in some area of your life.

Instead of asking general questions (like “What do I need to know today?” or “How will my day go?”), try asking the following question, and choose an area from the list below to fill in the blank (or pick whatever issue is dear to your heart right now):

“What specific action can I take today to support and improve my _____________?”

– relationships
– work
– finances
– health
– emotional well-being
– spiritual connection
– personal power
– life mission

Choose ONLY ONE area per day, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Make sure you read the card in such a way that you are choosing a concrete action you can do TODAY that will help you in your life. Then, DO THE THING.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated. You might find that you just need to eat a balanced meal, take a walk during lunch, or sleep in for your health today.

Or maybe you need to say no (or yes!) to an invite, tell someone “thank you,” or express your boundaries in a relationship.

Remember that you can pull a second card for clarity if you need to. And when doing this exercise, it’s best to think in practical, hands-on terms rather than just general guidance. Try to drill down to at least one small action step you can take as soon as possible.

For example, let’s say you choose to do something to improve your love relationship today, and you pull the cards FEATHER and CROWN.

Feather might suggest that you need to lighten up. If you’ve been having a lot of expectations or stress in your relationship, it’s time to clear the air. Do something fun together, cook your partner’s favorite meal, or bring home a special dessert. Even simply expressing your gratitude and love for your partner could lighten the mood and restore your bond.

Crown further suggests that you need to take responsibility for your own feelings. Don’t put blame on your partner if you aren’t getting your needs met. Remember to ask for what you need and be prepared to practice self-care when you need to. In practical terms, this could mean just doing the dishes instead of resenting your partner for not doing them. Or it could mean taking the lead to plan a date. Or even taking yourself out for the night and giving your partner some alone time.

Some actions you could do:

– Watch a movie together
– Bring home some take-out for dinner
– Buy tickets to a show you know your partner wants to see
– Leave a little love note on the counter for them
– Go out with friends and give your partner the night off

Remember that you only need to do ONE THING today! Choose something simple that will make the most impact.

What specific action can you take today that will improve an area of your life?