How often you can do a reading on the same question

It’s very tempting to do another reading on the same question if you feel like you aren’t getting the answer you want from the cards.  I strongly suggest that you resist the urge to read the cards over and over again about the same issue (even if you word it differently).

The rule of thumb about doing readings on the same question or issue is to wait until there’s a significant change in the situation before you ask the cards again.  This timing may be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or more.  It depends on how quickly things shift for you.

For instance, if you get the message from the cards that a breakup is impending, you can ask if there are any steps you can take to save the relationship.  Once you get guidance from the cards, put it into practice, and see if things improve.  Usually, it takes at least a few weeks to a month for things to shift.  If things get significantly better or worse, you can ask the cards for an update.

It’s common to lose some of your intuitive perspective when you are very emotional about an issue.  If you are getting confusing messages from the cards, or you want to verify the message you are getting, consider trading readings with another intuitive reader who is more objective about your situation.  Don’t ask close friends or family who might also be too close to you to remain impartial.

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Another thing to be aware of, especially if you are doing readings for other people, is that you and others can become addicted to readings.  If you find yourself asking the same questions over and over and never being satisfied with the answers, you might be addicted.  If you read the cards for every little question you have before making any decisions, you might be addicted.

If a client keeps asking you about a situation and won’t let it go, you need to set boundaries and only give them a reading once a month or so.  Remember to tell them that they have a choice and that they can often change the outcome of their reading.  Make sure you empower them to find their own solutions, instead of obsessing over a future they don’t feel they can change.  Follow this advice yourself, as well.

When in doubt, protect yourself, step back, and wait for things to shift.  You will get much better answers and guidance, and you will be able to serve others better when you hold boundaries for them and for yourself.