How to get guidance for the year ahead

For many people on a spiritual path, May 1st and the time leading up to the full moon in May is considered to be the Spiritual New Year, when you get a new assignment or mission for the year.

You might have felt over the last few weeks or so that you are finishing up a cycle in your life. You may be saying goodbye to people in your life who are moving on. Or you may be going through a breakup or a restructuring of your relationship. You could even leave a job or take a leave of absence. Or you might be giving up old habits or switching hobbies.

At the same time, you are getting ready to welcome new things. May 1st marks the holiday of Beltane, which is a festival of abundance and fertility. It’s a good time to nurture new ideas and ways of being and to start long-term projects. You may find yourself being magnetically drawn to new interests. Allow yourself to shed anything you don’t need and embrace change now.

This is a also a great time to do a reading for the year ahead. I recommend pulling two cards for each month of the year and writing down your interpretations in your journal to reflect upon as you go. As always, the first card you pull is the main energy for that month, and the second card clarifies the first one.

Usually, you will see patterns such as prosperous periods and times of retreat and regrouping. To verify your reading, you can ask another reader to exchange with you and pull cards for the year ahead. Or you can get an astrological report such as a solar return interpretation for your birthday or transits that show aspects for every day of the year. I recommend Cafe Astrology: They have thorough reports for $5, but you will need your birth time for these charts. Just search for “solar return” or “transits” on their site.

Having an outside reading or astrological reports can help you track major changes and trends in your life. It’s especially helpful to journal about these things, particularly if you are pulling a Card of the Day (or two).

As always, trust your intuition, and remember that you have the power to change your life. Allow Spirit to guide you as you take action for an awesome year.