How to predict timing with the cards

Timing is always a tricky subject when it comes to predicting the future.  The future tends to be in motion, so pinning down an exact date may be difficult.  However, there are usually periods when things are more likely to happen, and of course, some things are fated.

When narrowing down the timing, it’s best to do a separate layout just for this question.  I find it best to ask in terms of months instead of weeks or days, unless you are asking about something that seems impending very soon.

Generally, you should allow at least three to six months for most things to manifest.  Some things can take longer, but this range is good to start with.

When you ask about timing, phrase your question like this:  “What month has the best aspects for this outcome happening?”  You can state the actual outcome you got in your predictive reading if you want.

Then, lay one card out for each month for the next six months.  You can say the names of the months out loud as you place the cards, so you can keep track.

For determining whether a card is favorable or not, refer to whether you generally read a card as positive or negative.  You may also get a bad feeling about a card that you usually read as positive.  If so, go with your feelings.

Cards that usually mean no:

Sword, Snake, Tower, Lock, Shadow, Stone, Moth, Mask

Exceptions could be that Tower is a good card when buying a home or moving, and Lock can also be favorable when getting married or signing a contract.

Cards that mean maybe or not now:

Turtle – Happening slowly

Tree – Slow growth

Moon – Depends on the cycle

Feather – Up in the air

Mirror – You need to look within for the answer

Cards that are usually favorable:

Time – Yes, it’s time!

Lotus – Yes, your wish is in bloom

Heart – Great for relationship questions, and good vibes for others

Clover – Yes, and great for luck, money, and health

Door – Yes, you will get the opportunity you seek

Crown – Yes, you have the power

Key – Yes, you hold the key

Chalice – Usually a full cup, meaning abundance, especially good for relationships

Bear – Yes, the chances are strong

Crow – Yes, you will be granted what you want

Wheel – Yes, plans are in motion

Torch – Yes, you are being shown the way

Arrow – Yes, and it’s coming quickly

Hand – Yes, you will manifest what you want

Path – Yes, you are on the right track

Ring – Yes, it’s coming to completion, especially for marriage or contracts

Star – Yes, the outlook is bright

Well – Yes, your wish is granted

Sun – Yes, you will find happiness

Coins – Yes, your finances will improve, and you’ll get the money

Fruit – Yes, it’s coming to fruition

Book – Yes, a new chapter is beginning

Eye – Yes, look for things to happen

It’s possible that you will get several “good” cards in the layout.  In this case, look to see which card seems to relate best to your question.  That card will indicate the month that your outcome will most likely occur.

For instance, if you ask about money, you would pay close attention to the Coins, Fruit, and Clover cards.  If you ask about relationships, you would look for Heart or Ring.  Anything related to water like Well and Chalice are good for emotional questions.

If none of the cards seem to indicate the outcome happening in six months, you can pull more cards for the next six months.  Usually, outcomes are predicted within a year.  If you don’t get a clear answer, wait for another month or so and ask again.

Also, if you want more clarity, you can always pull two cards for each month and get a much more detailed answer.

Sometimes, there’s no one right time, and it will depend on how quickly YOU want to move or change things in your life.  You always have some control over the outcome, even if it’s simply in how you choose to handle the changes happening.

Remember that all things happen in good time.  You are right where you need to be.