How to shuffle the cards before you do a reading

Many beginning readers worry about how to handle the cards before they do a reading.  There are many myths and misconceptions about it, so let’s talk about the techniques you can use.

First of all, there’s no one right or wrong way to shuffle the cards or handle them.  Obviously, you will want to be gentle to avoid bending them or scuffing them, but otherwise, you can use whatever method works best.

You can shuffle the cards facedown like you would a regular deck of playing cards.  It’s best to keep the question for the reading in your mind and focus on it as you shuffle.  Simply shuffle until you feel you are done.  There’s no set length of time you need to shuffle.  It’s good to shuffle enough to mix the cards together well.

Once you have shuffled the cards, you have a few options for how you want to select cards.  You can simply deal them off the top of the deck, or you can divide them into two or three piles.  When you cut the deck into piles, you can then ask your seeker (if you are doing a reading for someone) to choose the pile they want you to use.  Normally, you would just put the pile they indicate on top of the rest of the deck and lay out the cards from their chosen pile.

One trick you can use if you are sensitive to the energy of the deck is to place your hand on or above each pile to determine which one feels right to you.  You might feel a slight warmth or sensation, or you may just feel drawn to a certain pile.  This is just one way of tuning into the cards, but you can choose any pile, and the reading will work just as well.

Another option is to fan the cards out on the table and have the seeker choose a certain number of cards, depending on how many cards you need for the layout you are doing.  You might have them start with four cards for a basic predictive reading.  You can then choose any cards you need to clarify the spread as you go along.

Usually, once the deck is shuffled, I will cut the deck once and deal cards from the top of the cut pile.  When I need to draw extra cards for clarity, I will cut the deck and pick cards from the middle.  You can also deal these cards from the top, whatever you want to do.  The reading will work just as well no matter how you decide to do it.

It’s good to get in the habit of using the same method of shuffling and drawing cards for the sake of consistency.  Doing it the same way becomes an easy process that helps you focus on the question instead of the cards themselves.

Remember that the power of the reading comes from you and your connection to your intuition, not from the cards.  So, don’t give your power away to the deck.  Simply use it as a tool to help you give an insightful reading.