Myths about reading cards

Do you need protection to read cards?  Should you cleanse your cards before doing readings?  Can the cards attract evil spirits?  There are many misconceptions about reading cards.  Here’s what you need to know.

Is it bad luck to buy your own deck, or should the cards be gifted to you?  

There’s no inherent bad luck in purchasing tarot or oracle cards.  You can buy as many decks as you like, and they will work just fine.

Do I need to store my cards in a black silk cloth or with a crystal to keep them from getting negative vibes?

How you store your cards is totally up to you.  They won’t absorb bad vibes regardless of how you store them.  Sometimes I keep my cards in the box they came in.  Sometimes I keep them in a little pouch.  Sometimes I wrap them in a cloth.  I don’t keep a crystal with my decks.  However, I do occasionally wear a crystal to boost my energy, or I will meditate briefly with a crystal to help recharge myself.  This is totally not necessary, though, and you should do whatever you feel drawn to do.  As always, it’s about YOU and your connection, not about the tools you use.  They are only there to serve you and help you get the guidance you need.

Do I need to cleanse my deck before using it or between readings?

Honestly, I’ve never felt the need to do this, but if you feel like you need to clear the energy of the deck or bless the deck before doing a reading, you can burn sage and wave the cards through the smoke.  Or you can simply hold the cards in your hands while saying a blessing that the cards will be cleared of any negativity and asking to get messages for the highest good of all concerned.

Can the cards attract evil spirits?

The cards themselves will not attract evil spirits.  If you feel a negative presence, it could be a spirit that’s attached to your querent or attracted to you for some reason.  It’s actually rare to have this happen, especially if you are doing meditations to connect to your Higher Source before you read.  If this happens, say a blessing and ask the spirit to go into the light.  You can also ask your guides and angels to remove the spirit and protect you.

Do I need to protect myself before doing readings?

Again, I’ve never felt the need to do this.  However, I do the 1-Minute Power Meditation before I read the cards, so that I am connected to my intuition and feel grounded and centered.  I highly recommend this short meditation at least once a day and before doing readings.

Can I ask spirits of the dead to help me give readings?

You can do this, but I don’t recommend it.  This form of divination is called mediumship.  Mediums channel the spirits of those who have passed on from this life.  But just because a someone has passed on, it doesn’t mean they have answers or special wisdom to impart.  In fact, sometimes spirits of the dead can have a lower vibration and bring negative energy to your reading.  You will get clearer answers by connecting with your own Higher Self, your Divine Source, and your spirit guides.

Don’t I have to be psychic to read the cards?

Everyone has the ability to connect to their intuition and read the cards.  You are already psychic.  You need only connect to this part of yourself and trust the messages that you receive.

Can doing readings be harmful to myself or others?

While the cards don’t have any inherent powers of their own, you are responsible for the information you get and pass along.  Often people come to readers, because they are going through a rough time, and they are looking for some kind of guidance and reassurance.  If they get a “negative” reading, it could further upset them, especially if they are emotionally fragile.  That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be honest about your reading.  If you see warning signs, you should say something.  However, readings are not meant to be all doom and gloom.  Remember that the future isn’t always set in stone, and we often have free will to change it.  If the outcome of a reading looks grim, be sure to pull a few more cards to give them guidance on how to help deal with the situation in a positive way.

Sometimes people get addicted to readings.  This could happen to you or to someone you read for.  If someone keeps coming to you with the same questions over and over again in a short period of time, let them know that it’s best to wait a while (usually until something significant changes with their situation) before getting a reading again.  They should probably wait at least a month unless something major shifts in their life.

If you ask the same question over and over again, hoping to get a different answer, you will probably just get confused.  I’ve found that the cards simply won’t work if I try to repeat my reading.  Instead of getting discouraged by a negative spread, pull a few cards and ask how you can best proceed in the situation for the highest good of all concerned.  Allow the cards to give you guidance, instead of worrying over the gloomy outcome.  In this way, you will empower yourself.  Remember, you can choose how to handle a situation.  You get to co-create your own future.

What if I get a bad feeling when I go to do a reading for myself or someone else?

If you don’t feel like doing a reading for whatever reason, DON’T.  You can simply explain that you aren’t in a good space to give a clear reading that day.  You don’t have to make complicated excuses or feel bad about it.  There are many reasons you might not feel like giving a reading.  Sometimes the “spiritual weather” is just bad.  I feel a lot of static on the psychic airwaves, particularly during the day when most people are out and about and projecting a lot of mental energy.  I do most of my readings at night when people are asleep or less active, and it’s quieter.

Also, you are not obligated to read for a person if you don’t feel like you should.  Don’t let yourself be pressured by family or friends or even a client.  You can simply say you aren’t able to read for them right now, or if you feel like you can’t read for them at all, you can say that it would be best for them to consult another reader.  Again, you don’t need to explain yourself.  Just be firm about your decision.  If you aren’t feeling it, don’t do it.  There’s a reason you are reluctant, so trust yourself.

Remember that the cards are simply tools to help you access your intuition and get clear guidance.  The power is in you, and you are in control.  Any rituals are there to help you get connected.  They serve you, and you are under no obligation to do anything you don’t feel aligned with.  When in doubt, release it.  And trust yourself.