The dark side of the Sun card

“Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines….”                  -Shakespeare

Generally, the Sun is the most favorable card in the deck, and if you get it in the outcome or clarifying position, it means that you will overcome and be able to shine.  It denotes happiness and contentment.

But as with every card, there’s a shadow side to the Sun.  The Sun can be taken to extremes.  Sometimes it shines too hot and you feel burnt out.  This intensity can create overwhelm and a feeling that you are under intense scrutiny or even that you are under siege.

Certainly, the political climate in the world right now is intense and unsettled.  We are living in challenging times where climate change is threatening, freedoms are being quashed, and opportunities are shrinking.  I saw a post online the other day that said: “The Internet: Letting you watch the world burn in real time.”

It’s easy to go to a dark place when everything seems to be collapsing around you.  For intuitives and empaths, it’s even more intense and upsetting.  What can you do when things get to be too much?  Some ideas:

  1. Don’t watch the news.  Stay off social media or limit it to specific groups that have uplifting content.
  2. Practice radical self-care. Say no to social obligations.  Get more sleep.  Take long baths and short walks.  Do something creative.  Focus on the positive things in your life that you can control, instead of things you can’t (like politics).
  3. Take small steps. Do only what’s absolutely necessary.  Do the most important things first.  Tear your to-do list in half and put half of it aside for later.
  4. Don’t give up. Don’t listen to the doubt and fear in your head.  Get support from friends.  Keep going no matter what.  Have faith that it will get better.

As always, there are things you can control, and some things you can’t.  But there is always something you can do in any situation to get perspective and be empowered.  Sometimes it’s about accepting what’s really going on and just letting go.  Where is your power?  Look inside.