What to do if you don’t a clear message from your reading

Not getting a clear message is a common issue for most readers.  It tends to happen more often when you are reading for yourself, because you are too emotionally involved with the situation, and it’s hard to be objective.

Don’t worry if this happens to you.  It doesn’t mean that your intuition isn’t working.  There are several reasons you may not be getting the message.  You may not need to know the answer right now.  There may not be an answer right now, because things are up in the air.  If you get the Feather card, that can indicate something that hasn’t been decided.

If you pull two cards, and they don’t seem to make sense in the context of your question, you can pull a third card for more clarity.  If you still don’t see the connection, it’s best to leave the cards out and go away for awhile.  Do a meditation or sleep on it.  I’ve often come back to the cards the next day and was able to see the message right away.

MORE CARDS IS NOT BETTER.  If you are doing a simple predictive reading and have four pairs of cards on the table already, pulling more cards will probably just confuse you more, if you aren’t seeing the message clearly already.  Resist the urge to keep pulling cards for more clarity, because more cards can just cloud the issue.  Again, just walk away for awhile and come back to it.

If you aren’t seeing the meaning clearly after a few days, you might need to consult another reader who can give you a fresh perspective.  It’s good to have a reading buddy who will trade with you.  You can also exchange readings in the Midnight Oracle Facebook Group, and it’s free to do so.  Please join us.

Another option is to pull a card and place it facedown without looking at it first.  Place your hand on it and observe how you feel.  Note whether your feelings are more positive or negative.  Turn the card over and see how your feelings relate to the meaning of the card.  As always, go with your feelings first and the card second.

If you are not getting a clear message when reading for someone else, they could be blocking the message from getting through, because they are anxious about the answer.  If you feel like this is happening, take the deck and pull the very bottom card.  This card is called the “shadow” card, and it will tell you what’s really going on at the heart of the matter.  If you start talking about this issue, it can open up the reading and help you get the information your seeker needs.

Asking questions related to the shadow card can be very revealing.  For example, your seeker might be asking about finding love, but you aren’t getting a clear message from the reading itself.  If you pull the Eye as the shadow card from the bottom of the deck, you might ask:  “Have you been looking for a relationship for a long time?”  Starting a dialogue can help your seeker become more engaged in the reading.

Many times, seekers don’t want to “give anything away,” because they want you to do a cold reading on them, meaning that you aren’t given ANY information about their situation.  The problem with this stance is that they tend to close down their energy, so it’s hard to read them intuitively.  It’s OK to let a seeker know that the more open they are, the more information you will be able to give them.  It’s good to know a bit of background on their issue, so you know what the cards are relating to, and the reading will make much more sense to both of you.

I had one situation in which I was giving readings at a party, and a man sat down at my table.  I was holding his hands and mostly giving intuitive messages from my guides, because the deck I was given to read from was foreign to me (a friend who was supposed to be reading basically gave me her deck and split).  I could see a lot of things swirling around, and I asked him about one of the images I saw, but he didn’t relate to it.  I realized that he was blocking the reading, so I told him that he was protecting something, but it was none of my business.  (My guides actually told me that, so I just repeated it.)  I felt like he just wanted to have contact with me, and I feel like just sitting with him was really what he needed.  Interestingly, he walked away from the table, and I heard him tell someone, “She’s the real deal.”  So, go with your gut and be honest!  Don’t make anything up just because you think someone is expecting answers.  You are allowed to say that you aren’t getting anything for them at this time.

Another thing is that a lot of seekers think that intuitive readers are psychics.  While that certainly can be true, I see the difference between psychics and intuitives being that psychics tend to get specific bits of information about the future from visions or words that come into their mind, and intuitives get most of their information from feelings and impressions and the story that the cards tell through associated meanings.  I have often gotten very specific information from my spirit guides as messages I hear in my head.  And I’ve seen very accurate messages in the cards.  It can happen both ways.

Whatever happens, stay true to yourself and trust in yourself.  You don’t have anything to prove, and sometimes, you aren’t supposed to know!  Just know when to know the difference.