What to do if you get a “bad reading”

Sometimes you will get a reading that just seems negative, and there’s no way around it.  You get bad feelings before you turn the cards over, and then you see some of the classic cards that tend to throw a shadow on your perspective.

Usually, readings are mixed with positive and negative aspects.  This is normal.  Sometimes the outcome isn’t as rosy as we would like it to be, and sometimes it just looks grim.  This is also normal, but it’s not easy to accept.

Some readers (and seekers) ask the same question again and do another reading, hoping to get a different answer.  I don’t recommend you do this, because you will get less accurate readings, and you will probably just end up confused.  The cards tend to “play” with people who ask the same questions repeatedly, and you will likely get nonsensical answers if you keep pushing.

Instead, carefully consider the reading you got in the first place.  Let’s say that it’s predicting a breakup.  While some things are fated to happen, the future is always in motion, so you usually have a choice.  The cards will show you the probable outcome based on what you are doing in your life right now.  If you continue on the same path, doing the same things, that outcome is the most likely.  However, if you change what you are doing in the right way, the outcome could also shift.

The best thing to do is pull a few more cards for clarity.  Ask the cards, “What can I do to ensure the best outcome for this situation?”  Read those cards for guidance to see what steps you can take to save the relationship, or to lessen the impact of the breakup.

Often, it’s hard to be clear about a reading when you are emotionally invested in the outcome.  In that case, trade readings with another intuitive reader who is more objective about the issue.  You may not want to ask close friends or family if they are too close to the situation, as well.

You can exchange readings in the Midnight Oracle Facebook Group.  Join us now if you aren’t a member.

What if the cards you pull for clarity are also negative?  Yikes, this can happen.  Obviously, the cards are giving you a strong warning.  Be sure to write down the date, your questions, and your interpretations, so you can refer to them later.  If the clarity cards are suggesting that there’s not much you can do, it could be a transition that’s just fated to happen.  In that case, you can ask, “What’s my gift?”  In any bad situation, there is some gift.  It may be that you will finally free yourself from a relationship that no longer serves you.  And you will almost always experience some kind of growth after a rough time.  You will probably even find a better relationship than the one you had.  Ask the cards to show you what your gift is.  It’s very rare that you will get all negative cards upon asking for this kind of hope and comfort.  If you are still seeing only the downside, definitely get another reader to help you.

Remember that no matter what the cards say, you have free will.  You can also choose how you react to a situation and how you want to respond emotionally.  You have the power, not the cards!